Onze helden

Al onze ondernemers kunnen je verhalen vertellen die hun leven hebben gevormd. Lees meer over hun ondernemingen nu ze een nieuwe stap zetten in hun leven in Nederland.

Onderstaande verhalen zijn in het Engels geschreven, van deelnemers aan een engelstalige StartUp Academy.

Itzinya has many great qualities, from the teaching to the food, to the gezelligheid. But for me, what made Itzinya worth it is the people. You get the opportunity to meet amazing people who genuinely want you to succeed. The teachers are there for all your questions and even connect you to their own networks when applicable. I have already had a few opportunities come my way just through meeting different people in Itzinya. Furthermore, you learn a lot from your fellow students. They are filled with different ideas, life experiences and wisdom that you would not otherwise get access to. Plus it is encouraging to know you are not alone as you build your business. All in all, I would highly recommend Itzinya to anyone considering it.
– Aaron, from Canada, see his LinkedIN


⁠Itzinya helped me to have clearer information on how to build my lean startup. As an expat, I did not have much information about the regulations of being an entrepreneur in the Netherlands. By joining Itzinya, I met other participants who have experience. The facilitators gave us some insights about the regulatory environment and tax information. Thanks to Itzinya, the facilitators guided us to think how to create a business which is unique and better for our world. Thank you Itzinya and keep doing a good job to help other expats who would like to start their business in the Netherlands. All the best!!
– Monica, from Indonesia


At Itzinya I learned invaluable networking skills, connecting with professionals across industries.Through workshops and seminars, I gained insights into marketing strategies, financial management, and leadership techniques. Collaborative projects sharpened my teamwork abilities, emphasizing the importance of communication and delegation.Guest speakers shared real-world experiences, offering practical advice for navigating the corporate world. Itzinya in courage an entrepreneurial mindset creativity in problem-solving. Overall, my experience in the business club helped me to regain my focus in business.
– Randy, from Suriname / the Netherlands see her LinkedIN


One of the Days in September 2023 I came across a flyer that invited foreign residents to a business training that will last 10 weeks and I reluctantly registered. My first attendance strengthened my resolve to finish the training as its course outline highlighted my inner struggles and questions about running a business in the Netherlands. The atmosphere was cozy, friendly and interactive with many other participants who had similar struggles like mine namely:

– how, when and where do I start;
– what product or service do I offer;
– what will determine my pricing;
– who do I sell to;
– taxing and government laws;
– financing;
– leveraging social media;

The training answered these questions and offered the opportunity to pitch and I can boast of 3 clients from this. I am work in progress as my mentor helps me navigate the starting stages.
– Humble, from Nigeria, Jaziny Concepts

Hoor van de ondernemers over hun ervaringen met Itzinya StartUp Academy.