Empowering newcomers to start a business

Itzinya Rotterdam is an Entrepreneurship Development Organization investing in newcomers such as migrants and refugees coming to the Netherlands. We equip them to start and grow small and medium size companies that enable them to employ other newcomers.

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What we do

StartUp Academy

In the startup incubator you get to think like an entrepreneur in The Netherlands and your talent is strengthened. You develop and test your business idea using proven methods. So that your chances that your startup will succeed increase. The training program consists of 10 sessions in Rotterdam, coaching and mentoring.

Itzinya Masterclass

Strengthen your entrepreneurial skills! Itzinya Masterclasses are hosted by expert professionals. They put into practice what they teach. You’re invited to connect, share and learn together.

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Itzinya Community

The community connects migrant entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial Dutchmen. The events are a place where you can meet around relevant themes. So that you can inspire and empower each other. The Itzinya Community Events are organised 2-4 times a year in Rotterdam.

Entrepreneurship Development

Itzinya AB is an entrepreneurship development company focused on young entrepreneurs. The company’s concept uses the latest methods in entrepreneurship development using a non-academic language and focused on practical “hands on learning”. Through mentoring young business leaders and incubating their startups itzinya is aiming to be a small part of the solution to youth unemployment globally. Operations are run in locally owned business centers in the local language.


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