Itzinya Rotterdam is supported in different ways by businesses, foundations and individuals. Please consider supporting us in a way that fits you best.

Sponsor a participant

Participants of the StartUp Academy only pay a small commitment fee. By sponsoring an entrepreneur for € 750 (one time) you help us cover the costs of the StartUp Academy for this entrepreneur. Sponsor now.

Allow a participant to franchise your business

As an owner of an established business you can allow a participant of Itzinya to become a franchisee. In this way the Itzinya entrepreneur doesn’t have to build everything from the ground up. Contact us or call Gertjan van Laar on 06 24 80 66 56 to discuss how this could work in your situation.

Donate equipment

A reliable computer or tablet is vital during the Startup Academy and start of the business. At the stage when there is no capital yet this equipment is a personal expense for the entrepreneur. Your donated equipment will be lent by Itzinya to the participants who need it. Get in touch with us to discuss how your obsolete equipment could help Itzinya.

Become Itzinya Rotterdam Partner

As an established business in the Rotterdam region you might be able to offer us a space for our StartUp Academy or a co-working space for Grow program.

Your employees might be interested in helping out Itzinya with their skills, by becoming a coach or mentor to them or by supporting the facilitators in the training program with their in depth knowledge of Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Finance or another related field. This is not just another way of showing your Corporate Social Responsibility but also a great opportunity for your employees to find even more fulfilment.

Contact us or call Gertjan van Laar on 06 24 80 66 56 to discuss how your company could support Itzinya.

Help cover the running costs

Help us very practically to cover the running costs of the Itzinya Startup Academy by a financial donation. Donate now.

Stichting Itzinya Nederland is recognised as an ANBI (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”, or organisation for public benefit), rendering your financial support deductible for tax purposes.

Donate your time

Become a coach or mentor and work with Itzinya Rotterdam as a volunteer in empowering the entrepreneurs. Contact us to discuss how you could contribute to Itzinya Rotterdam.

Invest financially in a business

Motivated entrepreneurs with a solid and tested business plan are looking for investors who can help them get started. It also allows them to join the Itzinya Grow program, which provides them coaching, mentoring and other ways of guidance. And peace of mind for you as an investor. Contact us or call Gertjan van Laar on 06 24 80 66 56 to discuss how this could work in your situation.