Meet our team

Our team is growing and is based on many years of business development experience from both startups and larger organisations, in The Netherlands and internationally. The team of Itzinya Amersfoort consists of 7 facilitators, a host, 15 coaches and a number of mentors. We are independently running our own businesses or involved with our own jobs and are pooling our competencies together to invest in newcomers with a business mindset in the Amersfoort region.

Erwin van der Zwaag

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Erwin started Itzinya Rotterdam. He was inspired by Itzinya Amersfoort. He enjoys sharing his entrepreneurial experiences with newcomers.

Esther Goudsbloem

Manager & Facilitator

Esther loves to spend time with those who want to turn their dreams into reality and enjoys supporting in the pioneering stages, with creative thinking and a watchful eye for possibilities. There’s always a new possibility!

Gerard Nijenhuis

Manager & Facilitator

Gerard enjoys igniting potential in others.

Esther Westerkamp

Co-founder & Facilitator

Esther joined at the start of Itzinya Rotterdam and hopes to welcome many newcomers at the StartUp Academy!

Erik-Jan Hoekstra


Erik-jan enjoys bringing out the best in people and to help them achieve their goals. He loves visualising the future and to express things in a clear and simple way.

Jan van der Graaff


Jan enjoys helping people with all the experience he gained as an entrepreneur. It is a joy to share with others that see all sorts of possibilities and with those that can use a little help to flourish.